Crafting With A First Grade Fashionista

There was once a time when I could style my daughter.

I favored earthy, bohemian clothes for her: autumnal layers in subdued colors, natural fibers, denim and vintage-looking outfits…

Those days are gone, gone, gone.

A couple of years ago, our little girl began to assert her independence and claim her own identity by rejecting outfits with a “Nah. That’s not really my style.”

She developed a very glitzy, blingy style. Loud, bright colors and shiny, sparkling accessories are what she loves.

If she can’t find what she’s looking for, she’ll just make what she wants.

She’s turned into our little First Grade Fashionista.

Here’s one of her style creations:

  • A mermaid skirt
  • made of butcher block paper,
  • held up with gold ribbon,
  • and stamped
  • with bubble-wrap
  • dipped in metallic paint.

Within the last year, we saw this love of fashion translate into some fun craft and dramatic play activities:

1) DRESS-UP: This provided a good reason to pass items like scarves, hats, purses and fashion jewelry down to our daughter to fill her dress-up basket.

2) DRESS MOM UP: Our daughter brings a stepping stool into my closet sometimes to pick out a dress she would like me to wear to her stuffed animal birthday celebrations in the play room.

3) JEWELRY BEADING: With pipe cleaners or rubber elastic cord (found at craft stores) and various beads, kids can easily make their own jewelry. A good tip on this activity? Use a small piece of tape to secure one end of the cord to a desk/table to help small hands focus on beading. Even our son enjoys this activity and it opens opportunities to work on fine motor skills, counting and pattern-making.

4) FASHION SKETCHING: A sketch book and colored pencils are all that is required, really. But, there are many sketch books with stencils available now for kids!

5) 3D PAPER FASHION DESIGN: This activity rolls all of the above activities up into one very cool and creative craft activity!

This is our daughter’s newest Fashion Passion….

Our first grader borrowed the little mannequin I was using to hold necklaces because she wanted to create actual outfits she had sketched.

This is what I saw one day while in the shower.

In the shower.


That’s Right.


fashionista 25

But when creative inspiration strikes, it is something to be encouraged!


Moms understand that “Anytime” really means At. Any. Time.

So, of course, she could totally use that jewelry mannequin!

Fashionista 26

The kids are surprisingly imaginative in the ways they use the scrap materials.

We actually keep all of ours in an an old Legos Container.

When I have leftover craft materials, I don’t throw them away.

They go into our daughter’s new Fashion Design container.

Maybe one day I’ll get my jewelry mannequin back.

Until then, I’m happy to see it being put to even better use.



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