Are you always being told to wash your hands?

After playing outside?

After going to the loo?

After having an almighty great sneeze?

Before eating?

Sound familiar? Well then that’s good. Washing your hands is one of the most important things you can do to keep healthy. It sounds peculiar because the grown ups always like to go on about how eating your greens keeps you healthy and how keeping active keeps you fit. No one seems to explain why you have to do it, so here is a bit of info.

Washing hands gets rid of germs. You collect germs throughout the day without realising it. They hang about all over the place but particularly harmful ones can be found in soil or toilets. These germs can make you quite sick. Other germs linger around when other thoughtless people don’t wash their hands. Imagine someone has a terrible cold. They sneeze into a hanky, then don’t wash their hands. The chances are, the germs stay on their hands and get transferred onto handles or items that you touch after them. Bingo! You get infected with the germs and become poorly yourself.

The best way to wash your hands is to use soap and warm water. Wet your hands mush soap or soap liquid amongst your fingers and under your nails where germs tend to collect and rinse off properly. Someone told me that singing the birthday song twice whilst you are mushing is just about long enough to make sure those germs are washed away