So the question goes like this: “My 4-year-old asked me about my breasts and how come his chest was different from mine Since, we were getting out somewhere, I kind of ignored his question but I know it will pop-up again. I want to be sure of what to say, which I am not” To answer your question: First of all remember, whenever your child asks you a question, you must answer it immediately. If it is not possible to answer it immediately – answer it at the earliest.

Now coming back to the question the child asked. First of all, never treat the human body or the human body parts as a taboo. When a child asks a question related to the human body, answer the question in plain and simple words. Children are curious beings, they are inquisitive and any observant child between the age of 4 or 5 will notice the difference between your body or his or hers – and the question will pop. If you want to keep the communication channel open between you and the child, it is important for you to answer the question.

So how should you go about it? Tell the child that well once a girl grows up her chest develops into breasts and when the baby was small, when the child was a baby you used the breasts to feed him or her. You can draw up an analogy, when you go out and happen to spot a mother dog or even a cow or if you happen to see puppies or a calf suckling to their mothers – it will make your mission even simpler. You can draw a parallel between the udders and your breasts and tell them “look how the puppies or calves are suckling to their mummies, similarly. I too fed you like that when you were a baby” This explanation is plain, simple and true. This will satiate the curiosity of your child and also the questions will keep coming and you have to keep answering them.

If you want to bring up, an intelligent, curious and a smart child who is an explorer, you must answer all questions of your child with simplicity and truthfulness.