Clean Your Teeth Properly Tips for Kids

Now that you are old enough to brush your teeth on your own, are you doing it properly? Lots of kids hate brushing their teeth and only whizz the brush round their mouth for a few seconds, are you like that? If yes, the (more…)

Kids Don’t Want to Go To School

If you don’t want to go to school you are like thousands and thousands of other children. You are not different or unusual, it’s natural. Maybe you find the lessons too easy or too difficult, maybe they’re just plain boring. (more…)

How Does a Kid Catch A Cold

As a kid, having a cold can make you feel quite miserable can’t it? You have to remember to carry some tissues or a hanky with you or otherwise mum and dad come along to wipe your (more…)

What are Freckles for Children

If you are a kid and you have freckles, you probably hate them. The funny thing is, grown-ups seem to love them! Do the grown-ups in your life make you absolutely cringe when they say your freckles look cute? Yes? Thought so! Read on to get the freckle facts. (more…)

Safe Shopping With Your Children

Most of us have trekked around the supermarket with our little ones in tow. It’s a wonderful experience for most tots and toddlers – the sights and the sounds are stimulating and for older children a supermarket excursion can be an (more…)

If your child uses bad language

Have you thought of how you will deal with your child when they use bad language? Unfortunately, for many parents it is not a case of if your child uses bad language, it is a case of when. It is helpful to understand why your youngster (more…)

What To Do If Your Child Tells Lies

There can’t possibly be a child on the planet who hasn’t told a fib or two. Often it is an attempt to avoid being in trouble for something they know is wrong. Which, when you think about it, is a positive sign that they do actually know the (more…)

Teaching Your Kids Resilience and Persistence

Resilience and persistence

If you have a resilient child, they will likely recover very quickly from life’s knock backs and either shrug it off or have another go. A child lacking resilience on the other hand, will become stressed when faced with a challenge. (more…)

10 Tips for Motivating Your Lazy Child

Have you got a child who loves the TV or their computer games? Do you have a young teen who spends their Saturday mornings in bed? Motivating some children can be a challenging task as parents well understand. (more…)