With so many apps for kids out there, it’s hard to know which offer real educational outcomes.

Education expert and NSW teacher with 35 years’ experience Marie Cullen, who created her own educational app, Lesson Buzz, shares her top five learning apps for kids.

1. Lesson Buzz

Obviously LessonBuzz is my first recommendation. This is an English literacy program that develops challenges via fun and interactive modules. It tracks performance and incorporates voice instructions for younger levels. Suits five to 13 years.

2. Montessori

I strongly recommend these apps because they are based on the proven Montessori education method. The programs are well crafted, personalized and self-guided learning experiences for children. They have apps that target maths, English and geography. Ages five and under.

3. Quackenworth

Quackenworth is a range of fun apps that teachers and parents can use to educate children at home and in the classroom. Quackenworth was selected as one of the winners of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Literacy Courseware Challenge. Ages 9 to 11.

4. PicPocket Books

This app is fantastic for families who are on the go and want an app that is going to entertain the children as much as any Playstation game or DVD. PicPocket adapts books to allow children to enjoy all their favourites from an iPhone app. They are able to look at all the colourful pictures, listen to a narration of their favourite stories and learn to read. Ages 3 to 8 years.

5. Bugbrained

I recommend Bugbrained apps because they have not only been designed and created by education professionals but are also research based. There is an app for every level of primary school education, focusing mainly on English and math. Ages 3 to 11.