Parents often ask me how to build a rich vocabulary for their children. Well, this journey begins in the early years – the day your child is born.

Remember, it is very important to communicate with your child. The more you talk to your child, the more your child is learning. Instinctively, there is something that all parents do. We talks to our children in a high-pitched sing song manner “Hi Baby! How are you.

I love you so much” Incidentally, there is a name for this – it is called parentese. And universally each parent is interacting with his child like this. This sing song manner of talking is doing wonders to the brain activity of your child. So even if you are not even getting a response from your child’s end – continue doing it.

Because this is leading to a lot of brain activity which will lead in turn into a rich vocabulary. You must also read lots and lots of books with your children. Parents often say, “What will my child learn? My child does not know how to read. My child is much too young” But as a parent you need to hold up a book, point to pictures and in an exagurated manner tell the story from the book to your child.

This will do wonders to your child’s vocabulary in the early years. Sing a lot of song with your child. Remember, when you are singing there is a lot happening in the brain and the brain connections are being made and this in turn is leading into confidence development as well as vocabulary enhancement. You must try to explore music by BoogieMites. Tells lots and lots of stories to your children.

Remember the more you gesticulate, your eye contact, your facial expressions, body language, your child is observing everything. And this in turn is not just building vocabulary but also helping them to enhance their confidence and in turn their vocabulary development as well. By the end of the day what you must remember – these are the foundation years for you and your child developing a friendhip for life and the communication channel should always remain open.